Miracle strapless push-up bra


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Miracle strapless bra

  • Its special full cushioned cup adds 1 1/2 size up.
  • It has a saten detail between cups for extra stylish look.
  • It is made of soft microfiber fabric that lets the skin breathe and provides a “second skin” feeling.

At the picture we have combined it with the Miracle brazilian

The model’s height is 1.80, her bra size 75B. At the picture she wears bra size 75B and brazilian size medium.


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Hand Wash By washing your underwear by hand, you maximize their useful life while doing good to the environment by reducing the release of microfibers into the water horizon and energy consumption.
Do not use chlorine, bleach, or chlorinated detergents to wash this product. Chlorine significantly affects elastic fibers and causes premature discoloration.
The heat generated inside the dryer damages the elastic fibers and causes the product to shrink or "pucker". It can also damage the bra underwire. Lay your underwear out to dry in an airy, shaded area to maximize their life.
Do not iron this product. The high temperature that develops on the iron plate causes damage to the elastic fibers of the product but also to synthetic fibers such as polyester (lace, embroidery, etc.).
Do not dry clean. Besides there being no reason, the chemicals in dry cleaning products can damage and discolor the fabric.

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