Does your bra slip?
Are your breasts spilling or your bra causes you skin rashes? Is it just plain uncomfortable?
These are just some of the signs that you are wwearing the wrong size bra!

Your perfect bra is just 2 clicks away.

What you will need:

Signs that you are wearing the wrong size bra:

The wiring is hurting you on the sides and/or lifts up when you are lifting your hands up.

The back of the bra is bent up in the middle and not parallel to the ground.

Your breasts are spilling from your bra creating the dreaded double breast effect.

The cup is too large for your breasts creating an unflattering gap between the bra and your chest.

The straps just cannot remain in their place for 5 minutes! And no, tightening them is not always the solution.

Do you still have red marks under your shoulders half an hour after taking off your bra?

Quick tips to love your bra again:

  1. When wearing your bra, bend slightly on the front, fit your bra and fasten it. That guarantees that your breast rests fully in the cup.
  2. Be carefull that your bra is neither too loose nor too tight. You should be able to fit just about a finger under the band.
  3. A slipping strap is not always fixed by tightening. Try first tightening the band of the bra, then the strap.
  4. If the cup is too small, go down 1 band size and go up 1 cup size and vice versa. For example, if the cup of a 75B bra is too small, try the 70C.
  5. Prefer a bra that fits perfectly on the middle hook & eye position. That way you will be able to tighten or loose it according to how your body changes.