Cotton is a plant fiber produced from the plant of the same name. It is soft, smooth and light and its contact with the skin is excellent. It absorbs well, does not irritate the skin and does not cause allergies.


The lace is made through a special process. It is a lightweight, extremely elegant and fancy decorative fabric.


Viscose is a man-made fiber produced from cellulose. It has a silky texture and provides the characteristic comfort of plant fibers. It is resistant to wear, highly absorbent and does not cause irritation.


Macrame is a form of weaving that uses knots. Many different types of yarn can be used in this weaving. Macrame fabric is usually used as a decorative element in swimwear and beachwear.


Satin is an elegant, smooth, shiny fabric. It is usually produced from silk, but can also be made from man-made or synthetic fibers.


Microfiber is made from synthetic fibers, an ideal combination of polyamide and elastane. This is a very technologically advanced fabric. Its tight yet lightweight knit makes it highly breathable and protective against harmful elements as well as high temperatures.


Silk is a fiber of animal origin which is produced by the well-known silkworms. It has a unique shine and easily absorbs the shades of even the richest pigments. The silk thread is extremely elastic, giving the fabric its unusual strength. It is hypoallergenic, retains body heat and stays cool even on the hottest summer days. Absorbs moisture and does not cause irritation.


Tulle is made from a weave of threads to create a transparent but firm mesh. It can be made of different materials depending on the characteristics we wish to offer, softness, elasticity or rigidity. These materials can be natural fibers such as cotton and silk and/or synthetic fibers such as polyester nylon.

Italian Sensitive Fabric


Combination of the three-dimensional elasticity of Sensitive® fabrics and the high percentage of LYCRA® elastic fibers allow freedom of movement, excellent fit and retention of the elasticity of the fabric after repeated washings.


The special honeycomb-shaped structure of Sensitive® fabrics allows air to circulate between its fibers, allowing the fabric to breathe, offering you freshness and hygiene.


Sensitive® fabrics offer maximum abrasion resistance while not fraying, maintaining their original appearance over time.


Sensitive® fabrics do not wrinkle. The 50% reduced thickness of the fabric makes it light while taking up minimal space in your wardrobe or suitcase and minimizing the creation of wrinkles.


Thanks to the special construction of the fabric and the use of highly opaque microfiber, the Sensitive® fabric filters out the sun's harmful UV radiation offering full protection under clothing. Did you know that a typical cotton t-shirt absorbs only 10%-20% of UV radiation depending on color, leaving sensitive parts of your body unprotected. *We can provide you with the evidentiary laboratory tests.


Ecoprint technology offers significant advantages in the quality and environmental impact of Sensitive® fabric dyeing by reducing water consumption by 60%, energy by 30% and greenhouse gas emissions by 60% compared to traditional dyeing methods.


Sensitive® fabric is produced using state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly practices that comply with the SensitivEcoSystem® environmental protection program. The characteristics of this fabric allow the minimum environmental footprint, from its production to its long-term use.


Thanks to the special knitting structure with LYCRA® fibers, the Sensitive® fabric is harder and resistant to the corrosive action of chlorine, while in the case of swimwear, it protects it from salt, mold and the corrosive agents of sunscreens.


The special knitting structure makes the Sensitive® fabric extremely light and incredibly thin to offer you comfort and softness on your skin. The fabric is 50% thinner than traditional microfiber fabrics.


Thanks to the incredible thinness and open structure of the fabric, the drying time of Sensitive® is much shorter than traditional microfiber fabrics.


Underwear made of Sensitive® fabric is easy and quick to maintain. They dry very quickly and washing them is a breeze. They can be hand washed, machine washed (not recommended for bras) or dry cleaned.