Cotton is a vegetable fiber produced from the plant of the same name. It is soft, smooth and light and it’s exceptionally suitable for being in contact with the skin. It has great absorption and it doesn’t cause skin irritations or allergies.


Viscose is an artificial fiber produced from cellulose. It is silky soft to touch and provides the comfort that is typical of vegetable fibers. It is wear-resistant, absorbent and doesn’t irritate the skin.


Lace is made through a special process, which produces a lightweight yet elegant and ornate decorative fabric.


Macramé is a form of weaving using knots. Many different kinds of threads can be used in the weave. Macramé is used to provide decorative details in beachwear and swimwear.


Silk is an animal fiber produced by the famous silkworms. It has a unique sheen and easily absorbs the nuances from rich-colored dyes. Silk thread is extremely elastic, giving the fabric its unusual strength. It is hypoallergenic, retains body heat and is cool even in the hottest days. It absorbs moisture and doesn’t irritate the skin.


Microfibre is obtained from synthetic fibers, more specifically a combination of polyamide and elastane. Microfibre is a highly technological fabric. Its tight but lightweight weave makes it extremely breathable and protective against harmful elements and cold weather.


Satin is a fine, smooth, shiny fabric. It is usually produced from silk, but can also be made from artificial or synthetic fibers.


Tulle is created by weaving threads to create a see-through yet stable mesh. It can be made from various materials to produce different characteristics, softness or stiffness: e.g. natural fibers such as cotton, silk and/or synthetics like nylon polyester.



The typical tridimensional elasticity of Sensitive® Fabric and the high percentage of LYCRA® elastic fiber allows for perfect freedom of movement, impeccable wearability and maximum retention of shape of garments even after repeated washing.


The open honeycomb construction of Sensitive® Fabric allows air to circulate between the fibers. Its breathable qualities make it cooler and more hygienic.


Sensitive® Fabric offers maximum resistance to rubbing and does not suffer from pilling, maintaining its original appearance as time goes by.


Sensitive® Fabric doesn’t wrinkle. The thickness reduced by 50% compared to similar fabrics makes Sensitive® Fabric particularly light, ensuring maximum convenience, with minimum space in the wardrobe or suitcase and minimizes the formation of creases.


Ecoprint technology offers significant benefits in terms of quality and environmental impact of Sensitive® fabric’s dyeing, as it reduces water consumption by 60%, energy consumption by 30% and greenhouse gas emissions by 60%  compared to traditional dyeing methods.


Thanks to the special construction of the fabric and the use of super-opaque microfibres, Sensitive® Fabric filters the sun’s rays offering a higher level of protection against the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

* We can provide you with the laboratory tests


Sensitive® fabric is produced using the latest, environmentally friendly practices that come in agreement with the environment protection program SensitivEcoSystem®. The features of this fabric allow the minimization of environmental impact, from its production to its long-lasting use.


Thanks to the special construction of the knit with the LYCRA® fibers, Sensitive® Fabric is more durable and resistant to the corrosive action of chlorine, as well as from salt, mold and corrosive agents in sun creams.


The special structure of the knit makes Sensitive® an extremely light and thin fabric, very pleasant against the skin. It is 50% thinner than traditional warp-knit fabrics.


Thanks to the extreme fineness and the open structure of the fabric construction, drying times of garments made of Sensitive® Fabric are extremely short.


Sensitive® Fabric’s maintenance is quick and easy. The drying time is extremely fast and it’s very easy to look after: it can be hand washed, machine washed or dry cleaned as required.

The spectacular Italian Boselli Satin is ideal for unvarying garments, which thanks to the characteristics of elastane, do not curve on the edges. Designed to make you feel so light and comfortable as if you weren’t wearing anything. Boselli Satin fabric is specially designed to be worn easily all day long, reaching high standard performances and highlighting ladies’ shapes in a body care approach. Moreover, Boselli Satin is OEKO-TEX certified, capable of responding to the highest human-ecological requirements, which are fundamental when dealing with fabric that has direct contact with the skin.