About us

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Luna Splendida’s fashion collections consist of products that highlight your femininity, while following the latest fashion trends. Most of the materials used (lace, fabric, embroidery or decorative accessories) are designed by the company’s design offices in Italy so that the result is unique to you.

All the products of Luna Splendida are designed in Italy. We are in partnership with the same designing office for more than 20 years, which follows a thorough process to ensure the highest quality and perfect application.

The materials used for your underwear (fabrics, satin, laces) come from the best producers not only in Italy but in the whole world. We only pick what’s best for you, so that we can comfortably say that we provide you the highest quality in the market.

The mission of Luna Splendida is to offer you underwear and swimwear of the highest quality, modern and trendy designs in approachable prices. At the same time, our mission is to be accountable to our employees, whom we respect and always try to create the safest and most efficient environment possible to maximize their advancement and prosperity. All of the above is achieved with respect towards the environment and providing to society.

Our story begins 23 years ago…

[nasa_title title_text=”1996″ title_bg=”#ffffff” title_desc=”Luna S.A. is established with its headquarters in Athens, Greece. Its recognition arrives very quickly thanks to the owners’ long experience and the unparalleled quality of construction and materials that was never before seen in Greece.”][nasa_title title_text=”2000″ title_bg=”#ffffff” title_desc=”Luna establishes its subsidiary company Luna Italia SRL, in Cantu, Italy, near Milan, the capital of fashion.”][nasa_title title_text=”2002″ title_bg=”#ffffff” title_desc=”Luna starts its partnership with the Asolo In design studio. The owner and designer Bernardo Emilia, with a team of 8 stylists, designs all Luna products up to date.”][nasa_title title_text=”2006″ title_bg=”#ffffff” title_desc=”We design the internationally renowned Miracle by Luna, a collection of lingerie using the innovative miracle cup that adds 1½ size in a completely unprecedented and natural way.”]
[nasa_title title_text=”2010″ title_bg=”#ffffff” title_desc=”The Secret Sense collection is launched. A collection that consists of essential, invisible under the clothes, underwear. We used the Italian SENSITIVE® fabric that is very soft and environmentally friendly.”][nasa_title title_text=”2014″ title_bg=”#ffffff” title_desc=”Luna transfers its headquarters to Italy, the ideal place to search for innovative materials, design inspiration and commercial development.”][nasa_title title_text=”2016″ title_bg=”#ffffff” title_desc=”Luna launches 2 new collections. The Honeymoon bridal collection, the most luxurious collection ever created by Luna and the new Secret, a facelift of the classic Secret collection that has sold more than 2,000,000 bras from 1998 to 2014.”][nasa_title title_text=”2017″ title_bg=”#ffffff” title_desc=”Luna Splendida. Τhe new name of Luna. After 20 years, the brand logo changes and with it a completely new corporate identity is formed, Luna Splendida. Splendida, which means wonderful, bright in Italian, is the beginning of a new era for Luna. Designed by the internationally known K2 Design office, Luna’s new logo and identity has already a place in our hearts due to its uniqueness and elegance.”]

Luna Splendida in numbers

[nasa_title title_text=”6.000.000 bras produced” title_color=”#ffffff” title_bg=””]
[nasa_title title_text=”1.000 points of sale in Europe and Middle East” title_color=”#ffffff” title_bg=””]
[nasa_title title_text=”32 employees and partners” title_color=”#ffffff” title_bg=””]