I am a woman and I already have enough in my head, I cannot think all day about that ill fitted bra that just won’t stay in its place, creates red marks on my skin or is just plain uncomfortable!

My dear, worry not, because getting fitted properly is actually quite easy, it only takes 5 minutes and your girls will thank you for that. Prepare accordingly, don’t forget to take a look below at the “what you will need” to measure properly your size and follow our 2 step calculator. Your perfect bra is 2 clicks away from you.

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What you will need

  1. A private space.
  2. You will need to be braless or wear a bra without padding, minimizing or push-up effects.
  3. A mirror.
  4. A measuring tape.

Signs that you wear the wrong size bra

Underwire poking. The underwire pokes the sides of your breasts or is pulled away when you lift your arms.

Wild band. The band rides up on your back and is not parallel to the ground.

Spilling. Your girls spill out of your bra (the dreadful double boob effect).

Emptiness. The cup is too large and creates an unflattering empty space between it and your breasts.

Slipping straps. Your straps just won’t stay in their place and no, strapless is not the only solution.

Red marks. Have you ever taken of your bra but you can still see its mark below your armpits half an hour later?

Quick tips to love again your bra

  • To put on your bra, lightly bend forward, then slip on the bra and hook it. That ensures your breasts are completely in the cup.
  • Make sure that your bra is not too loose or too tight. You should be able to slide only one finger underneath the band.
  • A falling strap is not always corrected by tightening it. Try to tighten the band first, then the strap.
  • If the cup is too small go down a band size then up a cup size and vice versa. For example if 75B is too small, try the 70C.
  • Choose a bra that fits best on the central hook. That way you can loose or tighten it according to how your body changes.